Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello Kimmy Builds A Hello Kitty

Last night, I met up with a friend to catch up and celebrate my marathon success. We chose to do it by building a Hello Kitty at Build-A-Bear. Unfortunately, there was only one Hello Kitty left in the store. :( My friend was nice enough to let me have the honor of building her.

First, I pressed the pedal to fill her with stuffing.

Once that was done, I made a wish and gave her heart a little kiss and stuff it inside.

Then it was time for Hello Kitty to get her first bath.

And do a little shopping for a new outfit.

Finally, I registered Hello Kitty and received her birth certificate.

Isn't she pretty?

It's kind of ironic and symbolic that I waited until this year to finally build a Hello Kitty.  I am kind of in a rebuilding phase right now. I am taking stock of what and who is important and exposing myself to new and exciting opportunities, like starting a cupcake business, taking dance classes and getting out more. I am definitely learning a lot and am much stronger and happier for it. So be on the look out... Hello Kitty and I are taking 2011 by storm!

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