Friday, March 11, 2011

Cake Decorating Courses 2 and 3

This week, I started two new cake decorating courses: Flowers & Cake Design and Fondant & Gum Paste. The first week of class is usually pretty boring. You're told what you will be doing in class and learn a couple small things.

For example, in Flowers & Cake Design class we worked with gum paste. It will be the only time we work with gum paste in that class. The rest of the flowers will be made with royal icing. Our gum paste creations were the button flower and pansies. By the way, gum paste is not too tasty and dries hard as a rock. So it really is just for decoration.

The first day of Fondant & Gum Paste class was all about prep. We used gum paste to make bases for the roses, mums and carnations we will be creating next week in class. You actually build the bases on uncooked spaghetti and use that stick and secure the flowers into the case. Who knew? I will post pictures of the flowers once they are finished next week.

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